Our Story

It all started several years ago when we got married and found that perfect Texas hill country ranch. Those three square meals a day sure were good. It wasn't long before we noticed our britches were fitting tighter. Even our ol'ranch dog was gaining weight and having a heck of a time jumping into the back of the pickup. One day when we were out feeding horses, we noticed our donkey Jackson, was as big as some of the horses! That's when we looked at each other and decided that we lived on the Fat Ass Ranch.


Wine Tastings

If you elect to do a wine tasting, you can sample several of our unique, handcrafted wines. Every tasting purchase includes a complimentary Fat Ass glass. Our wines are also available by the glass or bottle.


Become a Member of the Fat Ass Family

Attend exclusive events, be the first to be notified of new releases, receive discounts, and enjoy complimentary tastings as a member of our wine club.